Pemium Connection Program

Wednesday 8 November 2017

10.00am – 10.05am

Welcome and Outline of the Day’s Program

10.05am – 10.45am

Session 1

“People, Profit & Performance”

Presented by Vasili Hadzellis (Australia)

In a great kick off to the LPMNZ 2017 Premium Connection, Vasili Hadzellis will show you:

  • • How to create a winning culture for your Property Management Team
  • • How to communicate and deliver information to a business owner (thinking like a business owner not a property manager)
  • • Recruitment and how to go about selecting and inducting the next team member
  • • Working out the true cost of taking on a new property management to the business
  • • What within the department should be measured and how to track performance & revenue/income
  • • Based on rent roll and business models within each office work out what the Benchmark/Key Performance Indicators for each team member should be and how they can be self-accountable
  • • KPI’s that help keep in line with internal revenue growth goals
  • • Insights into different remunerations and incentive programs for Property Managers
  • • How to support and keep the team energised to deliver the KPI’s and live and breathe values and beliefs of the business
  • • Go through the way in which team meetings will be conducted once monitoring and reporting are implemented
10.45am – 11.30am

Session 2

“Mastering the Magic - the art of being different”

Presented by Chris Feron (New Zealand)

When business owners are asked what their point of difference is the majority say it’s their customer service…really?
To be different and really stand out requires some magic towards everything we do.
In this session, Chris will bundle up cupcakes, powerful marketing, chocolate, fudge, and drones into the ‘experience thingy’ and give you some hands-on drone experience.

11.30am – 12.15pm

Session 3

“Secrets of our Success”

Presented by Matthew Curtis and Lisa Iliffe (New Zealand)

Matthew and Lisa are owners of Bayley’s Property Management, a large, highly successful business in Christchurch.
In this session, we will interview them on the following areas of their business:

  • • Organisational Structure
  • • Staffing levels and Structure
  • • Fees
  • • Service - how they try to be better than the rest
  • • New Business – the last 4 financial years, growth of 226 – 171 – 174 – 111.
  • • Work and Life Balance – don’t take things to seriously.
  • 11.15pm – 1.00pm


    1.00pm – 2.00pm

    Session 4

    “Meeting Today’s and Tomorrow’s Challenges”

    Open Forum

    In this totally interactive session, we will discuss all the major challenges faced by property management businesses including:

    • • Maintaining rent roll growth in the face of increasing competition
    • • The increasing use of technology
    • • The pressures on profitability with increasing costs
    • • Discounting of fees
    • • Outpacing your competitors.


    2.00pm – 2.40pm

    Session 5 

    “Building Unbreakable Client Relationships”

    Presented by Catherine Goodwin (New Zealand)

    In today’s unforgiving world, client loyalty not only has to be earned, but constantly worked on.
    Catherine Goodwin & her company, Goodwin Property Management, are LPMNZ & REINZ multi-award winners.
    In this information packed session, Catherine will endeavour to show you:

    • • How to really put the ‘Care Factor’ into your role as a Property Manager.
    • • How important all aspects of property management are, even the most tedious of daily tasks.
    • • Striving to achieve a healthy work/life balance with less stress, whilst still achieving rent roll growth.
    • • Plus more …

    2.40pm – 3.00pm

    Afternoon Tea

    3.00pm – 4.00pm

    Session 6 

    “Measuring and Managing”

    Presented by Michael Furlong

    In this information packed session, Award winning business owner, Melbourne’s Michael Furlong, will reveal his success strategies for:

    • • Benchmarking your business against itself, before worrying about your competitors
    • • The list of standard benchmarks that you should be checking as a bare minimum
    • • A series of benchmarks that will tell you more about the strength of your business and how they impact on the asset value of your rent roll
    • • Creating buy in from your team as to the reason why benchmarks are beneficial to them.
    • • Learning to read, understand & manage the business through the transparency of your key metrics
    • • The importance of focussing on driving your asset value by driving the numbers within your rent roll
    • • Your perception of what multiplier you expect versus where the market / buyers sees the multiplier based on the metrics of your business.




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